30 March 2010

2010 Trackdays!

Advanced Motorsports has released their lineup of trackdays for 2010. I'll be at these, whether or not I'm riding on track.

Here are the dates:
  • Sunday,   April  18th  2010
  • Monday,   May    10th  2010
  • Monday,   June   7th   2010
  • Saturday, July   24th  2010
  • Monday,   Sept.  13th  2010
  • Sunday,   Nov.   7th   2010
I like the way that Jeff Nash and the crew handle these. Last time I was out there, Larry Pegram was out on the track with the group and the numbers were nice and small on the track. These are, like the one I went to in the fall, Ducati-Only trackdays. Perhaps you can come on other euro-bikes, but the focus is on Ducati Enthusiasts and their bikes.  Based on the other trackdays I headed to last year, this kept the squids out, which brought dangerous moves and crashing down considerably. Perhaps its just the mindset at the other tracks, but some of the riders forgot that there's no trophy ceremony or podium waiting on them when they pull off!

I certainly plan on getting the bike out there on the track for a few of these, and perhaps I'll have built the 900SS or 900SBK by the last few!

Here's the link to the AMS site and the trackday info is on the banner at the top: http://www.advancedmotorsports.com/