07 January 2010

Headlight & HID

Its been awhile since I have installed the Desmoworld Clear Glass Headlight, but I noticed I have not posted any pictures of the unit! I had the ring powdercoated black, it comes chrome just like the stock headlight's ring. Here's an image with a standard H4 bulb (that happens to be blue, go figure):

HID Lights are all the rage right now, and for good reason: they are far brighter than conventional lights. With motorcycles, the more light the better, as there's often only a single headlight beam available. The common fix has been to increase bulb wattage to get a brighter output. While this does work, it also taxes the electrical system, which is not very robust on a motorcycle. HIDs put out a whole lot of light while using a low wattage, and are therefore very well suited for motorcycle applications. I tried out a DDM Tuning kit that's a 35W, 4300K color output setup. The wiring came to me with far more than I could ever use. With some quick cuts and some wires soldered and heat shrinked, I was able to remove what would have been a bird's nest of wires under my tank and fit the unit in the bike quite easily. The unit I have is the H4 Hi/Lo single bulb setup. This means I can still hit the brights switch and get a raised output from the headlamp. It works very well. Its almost TOO bright, so I have decided to be proactive and aim the headlamp down a little more than normal so I don't blind all of the DFW drivers. Here are a few shots of the unit installed: